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MASSIVE, building the most meaningfully scaled AI training data library along with millions of collective intelligence and efforts.

We believe in a future where people contribute to AI development and AI technology empowers us people with unprecedented utility.

AI Models are getting big.
Datasets are also.

With the rise of monumental Large AI models like ChatGPT, Dall-E, and Midjourney, the industry is buzzing.
Yet, the enormous amount of datasets fueling these behemoths introduce a unique set of challenges often overshadowed by the hype.

Latest AI breakthroughs owe to the magic of scaling, and larger models require millions and billions of datasets.

Acquiring and processing training data of such size is as resource-intensive and difficult as developing the models. Hyperscale data democratizes future AI development, opening up chances to diverse range of players from startups to SMEs to Big-techs.

Data Size vs. AI Model Performance Chart

Intellectual property rights regarding training data have not been adequately addressed yet.

It is very difficult to track data to give credit to their rightful owners, and the ease of circumventing ethical concerns with intellectual property while scraping data creates difficult problems.

...without prejudice to Union or national or Union legislation on copyright, document and make publicly available a sufficiently detailed summary of the use of training data protected under copyright law.

EU AI Act, Amendment Article 28 b
...we’ve heard from people all over the world—especially writers, artists, programmers, and other creators—who are concerned about AI systems being trained on vast amounts of copyrighted work with no consent, no credit, and no compensation.

Matthew Butterick,


MASSIVE Ecosystem is designed to build with a community a repository of large, diverse, and ethical datasets.


Crowdsource2Earn rewards and recurring data sales (Data-as-a-Commodity) to build hyperscale repository.

CS2E community aggregating individual contributions into vast and diverse datasets for AI model training and fine-tuning.


Varied and rich data sourced by the global community, backed by cross-labeling and reviewing.

Cumulating data with continued diversification and enrichment with the bounty program.


Original data sourced by users, consent to be used to train AI.

Free from legal entanglements such as class action copyright claims from web-scraped data.


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Q2 2023 - Q3 2023
Product Conception
  • Crowdsource2Earn Concept Design
  • AI/ML Outlook Assessment
  • Laying Down Service Structure and Ecosystem
Q3 2023 - Q4 2023
Product Development
  • Creation of the Initial Prototype
  • Implementing Essential Features
  • Configuring Ecosystem Structure
Q1 2024 - Q2 2024
Pilot Service Launch
  • Debuting Service and User Experience
  • Early Users Community Building
  • Pilot Transactions
  • Referral Program
  • Leaderboard Campaign
Q3 2024 - Q4 2024
Beta Service Launch
  • Mobile App
  • Improved Usability including In-app Wallet and Swap Features
  • Activate Tokenomics into Circulation
  • Buyers Bounty Service
Q1 2025 -
Full Launch
  • Complete Feature Sets for Streamlined Experience
  • Enhanced Data Crowdsourcing and Processing with AI/ML-powered Assistance
  • Advanced Buyer Features including Data Management Tools
Next Phase
Ecosystem Expansion & Leap
  • Domain Specific Expertise Data
  • Enterprise 3PD Data Network
  • Redefining Economy of the User Organic Data

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens on MASSIVE?

MASSIVE is a hyperscale AI training data crowdsourcing platform and a marketplace.

Any users can convert data collectible from daily-level activities into tokens, and the buyers can access the data repository to acquire those data.

What is Crowdsource2Earn (CS2E)?

Users can earn tokens by uploading image/audio/video, labeling, and cross-reviewing AI training data. Accordingly to the user activity (uploads/labels that passed reviews, reviewing activities), token rewards are distributed from the CS2E token pool.

CS2E is a scheme fostering a community and an ecosystem of people fueling AI technology. Users contribute to collectively building a hyperscale AI training data repository via crowdsourcing activities and can do so in a more scalable way that is attuned to hyperscale data needs along with the proper incentives.

What can users do?

Users can upload image/audio/video data, label data, and cross-review data following the quest guidelines. Users will be rewarded for diligent upload/label/review activities, and also earn recurring sales proceeds for every data purchase. (ex. Upload photo of a dog, label the breed, and earn tokens! Also receive proceeds every time the buyer purchases those data.)

Any prerequisites to use MASSIVE?

All you need is to sign up! In the pilot stage, you will need to complete a very basic sign-up process and provide your Solana Network wallet address to receive $MSVC tokens earned.

We are under development with the mobile application to launch with the beta service, which will include in-app wallet so that users will have direct creation and access to personal wallet within the app.

What is $MSV / $MSVC?

$MSV is the utility token powering the MASSIVE ecosystem by properly incentivizing crowdsourcing / human-in-the-loop activities and connects the blockchain realm and the physical world to seek synergy between decentralized ecosystem and collective value creation in the artificial intelligence field. Data buyers can purchase the training data with $MSV.

$MSVC($MSV Convertible) is equivalent to $MSV but used during the pilot stage. At TGE(Token Generation Event) of $MSV along with the next phase of beta service, $MSVC will be converted to $MSV 1-to-1 rate. $MSVC pool allocation for the pilot phase will amount to 10,000,000, equivalent to 1.0% of future total $MSV allocation, and undistributed amount of $MSVC will be burned.

I didn't receive my rewards. Why?

The distribution of rewards and updates to the Reputation score are carried out daily. If you check back the day following, any tokens that were pending should be received by then.

Additionally, rewards are given out once a contribution is recognized as relevant. Therefore, any contributions of yours that are currently under review will qualify for rewards once they meet the quorum of reviews.

How can I buy data?

As a buyer, you can go to the marketplace(Discover), connect wallet, and set queries and filters to search for the data you are looking for. Confirming your order and executing the transaction will give you access to the data purchased. Contact us at for more information and customized support.